18 Квітня, 2022  

Президент Громадської організації «Україна-2050» Евген Чолій виступає у 36-му епізоді «Україна в огні», проєкт створений Українським кризовим медіа центром, Aналітичним центром Українського католицького університету та Громадською організацією «Євроатлантичний курс». Назва епізоду – «Росія вбиває українців: геноцид».

US President Joe Biden called the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine genocide. Earlier this month this position was supported by the Prime Ministers of Canada, UK and Latvia, as well as the Presidents of Colombia and Poland. Genocide is an attempt to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group and is recognised as a crime by the Genocide Convention - an inernational treaty approved by the UN General Assembly and signed by 150 countries after World War II in 1951. International unity in calling Russia’s extermination campaign in Ukraine a genocide should result in increased pressure on the aggressor and encourage passive supporters of peace to help Ukraine protect itself. Ukraine in Flames #36 will talk about the recent attempts by Russia to commit genocide against the Ukrainian people and culture, as well as the consequences of genocide for the world. UKRAINE IN FLAMES project is created by the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Ukrainian Catholic University's analytical center and NGO "Euroatlantic Course". We are aiming at searching a loud support for Ukraine in the war started by Russia on the 24th of February 2022. If you want to support Ukraine against Russian aggression, check the link with recommendations by Ukraine Crisis Media Center - NGO Euroatlantic Course collects donations to support Ukrainian Army and civilians -

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